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The Create section allows you or your students to use this image to make a range of downloadable resources.
Simply select one of the formats below and fill in the form that appears. This will then create a PDF for you to download.
If you are a teacher filling in the form then you may wish to leave areas blank for your students to fill in.
If you are a student – get creative and fill in the template to create your own Newspaper or Presentation!


Uses this image as the basis for a more traditional style worksheet. You can add a title, some information and then create your own questions, leaving a space for students to answer them.


Uses this image as the front page of a newspaper allowing you give the newspaper a title, a headline and up to 3 columns of text (your story).


Uses this image on one half of the page and allows you to add a title and text about the image on the other half of the page.

Booklet Cover

Uses this image to create the front cover for a booklet by letting you add a title and other information.