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Images for Learning

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Heritage Explorer has moved!
Heritage Explorer has now become part of the Historic England website - you can now access all our education resources from Historic England/Education.

We'll continue to run this site for a while before putting in automatic re-directs to the new site, but why not be one of the first to see the new site!

Teachers can pick and mix from our database of over 10,000 images and find curriculum related resources, for all key stages, to use or adapt for their pupils. 

Timeline Resource
This interactive PowerPoint timeline covers the history of England from 100BC to 2000AD, providing an overall chronology with in depth examples and the ability to add your own local examples to the national story.


All of our images are copyright cleared and free to use for educational purposes.  They can be copied or savedMore information

Heritage Explorer becomes part of Historic England, find out more.
The Watermill Theatre, Speen, West Berkshire
Oldham Town Hall, Greater Manchester
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