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                 1930s/40s Buildings
                 1950s/60s Buildings
                 Aerial Photographs - Oblique
                 Brewing Industry
                 Children at Work
                 Crime and Punishment
                 Disability History
                 Edwardian Life
                 Glass and Pottery (Ceramic) Industry
                 Industrial Revolution
                 Life Since 1948
                 Medieval Buildings
                 Memorials - War
                 Parks and Gardens
                 Past Homes
                 Past Shopping
                 People at Work
                 Poor Relief
                 Reconstruction Drawings
                 Roman Remains
                 Stone Age to Iron Age: Part 1 - The Stone Age
                 Stone Age to Iron Age: Part 2 - The Bronze Age
                 Stone Age to Iron Age: Part 3 - The Iron Age
                 Textile Industry
                 Transport - Rail
                 Transport - Road
                 Transport - Water
                 Tudor Buildings
                 Utilities - Electricity
                 Utilities - Gas
                 Utilities - Water and Sewerage
                 Victorian Buildings
                 Victorian Houses
                 Victorian Industry
                 Victorian Leisure
                 Victorians At Work
                 Women at Work
                 Women before 1914
                 World War One
                 World War Two - Health & Medicine
                 World War Two
         Teaching Activities
                         Key Stage 1 - Art
                         Key Stage 1 - Changes over time
                         Key Stage 2 - Anglo Saxons
                         Key Stage 2 - Art
                         Key Stage 2 - Local History
                         Key Stage 2 - Romans
                         Key Stage 2 - Similarity and Difference
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                         Starter Activities
                         Starter Activities

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