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Teaching Activities

Teaching Activities provide a selected image supported by a teaching idea and associated worksheets, notes or whiteboard downloads. They ask a Key Question targeted at specific National Curriculum related topics.

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Key Stage 1 - Art + / -
What can we learn about shapes from buildings?
Key Stage 1 - Changes over time + / -
Are my toys different from toys in the past?
Can we be room detectives?
Did children in the past have fun at the park?
What can we learn about food in the past from a photograph of a seaside picnic?
What did people do at the seaside in the past?
What sort of toys did my great grandparents play with?
Key Stage 2 - Anglo Saxons + / -
Can you use evidence to reconstruct the past?
Key Stage 2 - Art + / -
Can a photograph tell us about relationships between different people?
What do you think happened just before this photograph was taken?
Key Stage 2 - Local History + / -
Doing a Condition Survey with your class - Guidance for teachers
Key Stage 2 - Romans + / -
How did the Romans change Britain when they settled here?
What can archaeological evidence tell us about Roman life?
Key Stage 2 - Similarity and Difference + / -
How can a photograph help us to imagine life during the Blitz?
Were the Edwardians like us?
What can buildings tell us about life in Britain since 1948?
What was life like for Victorian children? Did it get any better?
What was life like for Victorian school children?
Key Stage 3 + / -
Are we right to commemorate the life of a slave trader?
Doing a Condition Survey with your class - Guidance for teachers
How did William the Conqueror secure his control over Saxon England?
How reliable are Victorian photographs as a source of evidence?
Were the Victorians like us?
What can a photograph tell us about how people impact on the environment?
What can a town's buildings tell us about Victorian minds?
What can the inscription on a grave tell us about attitudes to black people?
What evidence of everyday life since 1948 can we find in a photograph?
What was housing like for the Victorian middle classes?
Key Stage 4 + / -
How did WWI change the role of women in Britain?
To what extent were women’s lives already changing before WW1?
Were workhouses built and run by cruel people?
What part was played by Britain in the defeat of Germany in WWI?
Why did Portchester Castle remain in use for over 1700 years?
Key Stage 5 + / -
Archaeological DBA - Could you be an archaeologist or will the builders get the better of you?
How real was the threat of invasion 1538-47?
To what extent did the vision turn into reality? – Housing in the 1950s and 60s
What can memorials tell us about British Foreign Policy 1854-1914?
What effect did the dissolution of the monasteries have on English society and culture?
Starter Activities + / -
Spot the Difference - Lowestoft 1949
What 12 things shouldn't be in the photo of Blackpool in c1900?
What 14 things shouldn't be in this picture of London in 1902?

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