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How did WWI change the role of women in Britain?
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Cunard Shell Works, Merseyside, 1917, c) Reproduced by permission of English Heritage.NMR, Ref:BL/24001/39
Women preparing projectile heads at Cunard Shell Works, Merseyside, 1917.

Despite the shortage of male labour during the War, men were still often used as managers and skilled workers.

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Teaching Idea

How did WWI change the role of women in Britain?

Ask students to look through the 'Woman at Work' Image by Theme collection and make a table (by copying and pasting images and captions) of all the images showing women at work during WWI. They will need to click through to the larger image to see what date the photograph was taken. They must then use this primary evidence to create a set of criteria by which to assess it, in relation to the question 'How did WWI change the role of women in Britain'? You may wish to direct students back to the 'Women at Work' photographs, to look for those taken before 1914 as these will help them to understand/prove what jobs women were doing before the war

Learning Aims and Outcomes

Prior Knowledge

  • A broad concept that WWI changed the lives many people on the Home Front
  • An awareness of womens rights before the war would be useful

Extended Learning and Useful Links


Copyright: English Heritage NMR
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Period: World War One (1914 - 1919)
Keywords: women, war, work, world, one
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