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Worksheets / Notes
Key Stage 1 - Classroom Resources + / -
Children's Work: Around St Marys
Lesson Plan: Around St Marys
Sources Used: Around St Marys
Teacher Notes - The Seaside
Teachers' Notes: Food Timeline
Teachers' Notes: Going to the Park
Teachers' Notes: Toy Shops & Toys
Worksheet: Going to the Park
Worksheet: Picnics
Worksheet: Toy Shops
Worksheet: Toys in the Past
Key Stage 2 - Classroom Resources + / -
Childrens Work: Around St Gregorys
Discover Great Yarmouth Heritage Trail: Teacher's Resource Pack
Lesson Plan: Around St Gregorys
Resource - Writing Through Art
Teachers' Notes: A Brief History of Schools
Teachers' Notes: Anglo Saxons
Teachers' Notes: Roman Britain
Teachers' Notes: Thames and Severn Canal - maps
Teachers' Notes: Thames and Severn Canal Proposal
Teachers' Notes: The Blitz
Teachers' Notes: The Victorian Classroom
Teachers' Notes: Victorian Child Labour & Education
Worksheet: Anglo Saxon Remains
Worksheet: Castles - attack and defence
Worksheet: Castles - show down or show off?
Worksheet: Design a Playground
Worksheet: Identifying Emotions
Worksheet: Living in a tower block
Worksheet: Names on mining memorial
Worksheet: Roman Remains - Recording
Worksheet: Were the Edwardians like us?
Key Stage 3 - Classroom Resources + / -
Historical Anachronisms: London 1902
Historical Anachronisms: London 1902 - Answers
Sandal Castle - Case Study
Teachers' Notes: Castles
Teachers' Notes: Motoring Facts
Teachers' Notes: Norman Invasion
Teachers' Notes: Slave Memorials
Teachers' Notes: Slavery related websites
Teachers' Notes: Victorian Minds
Teachers' Notes: Victorian minds card sort
Teachers' Notes: Who is who in an abbey
Worksheet: Edward Colston - Positive or Negative?
Worksheet: Castles - attack and defence
Worksheet: Castles - show down or show off?
Worksheet: Medieval Life - Norman Conquest
Worksheet: Reliabilty of Victorian Photographs
Worksheet: Victorian buildings & Victorian minds
Worksheet: Were the Victorians like us? - Industry
Worksheet: Were the Victorians like us? - Leisure
Worksheet: Who lived in a house like this?
Key Stage 4 - Classroom Resources + / -
Portchester Castle - GCSE Student Workbook
Portchester Castle - GCSE Teacher's Pack
Students' Notes: Extract from workhouse journal
Teachers' Notes: Poor relief
Teachers' Notes: Women, work & WWI
Teachers' Notes: Women's lives before WW1
Teachers' Notes: WWI - Joining up & the Somme
Worksheet: Poor Relief
Worksheet: Women and War Work (KS4)
Worksheet: Women's lives before WW1
Worksheet: WWI - The Somme: Keeping it real
Key Stage 5 - Classroom Resources + / -
Desk Based Assessment: Archaeology Activity
Student's Notes: The spoilation of Roche Abbey
Teachers Notes - The Dissolution of the Monasteries
Teachers Notes: A brief history of social housing
Teachers Notes: Housing in the 1950s and 60s
Teachers' Notes: Timeline of Henry VIII - Foreign Policy 1534-47
Worksheet - 1950s & 60s recording sheet
Worksheet: Effects of the Dissolution of the Monasteries
Worksheet: How real was the threat of invasion in 1538-48?
Worksheet: What can memorials tell us about British Foreign Policy 1854-1914?
Teachers' Handbooks (Published 1990-2004) + / -
A Future for our Past - Teacher's Handbook
Aerial Photography - Teacher's Handbook
Ancient Technology - Teacher's Handbook
Appetite for Change - Teacher's Handbook
Art and the Historic Environment - Teacher's Handbook
Battlefields, Defence and Warfare - Teacher's Handbook
Citizenship - Teacher's Handbook
Hadrian's Wall - Teacher's Handbook
Historic Colchester - Teacher's Handbook
History at Home - Teaher's Handbook
History Through Role Play - Teacher's Handbook
Learning from Objects - Teacher's Handbook
Maths and the Historic Environment - Teacher's Handbook
Prehistory - Teacher's Handbook
Ration Book Recipes - Teacher's Handbook
Science and the historic environment - Teacher's Handbook
Storytelling at historic sites - Teacher's Handbook
The Thames and its Buildings - Teacher's Handbook
Using Abbeys - Teacher's Handbook
Using Castles - Teacher's Handbook
Using Documents - Teacher's Handbook
Using Historic Houses - Teacher's Handbook
Using Historic Parks and Gardens - Teacher's Handbook
Using Houses and Homes - Teacher's Handbook
Using Industrial Sites - Teacher's Handbook
Using Memorials - Teacher's Handbook
Using Portraits -Teacher's Handbook
Using Roman Sites - Teacher's Handbook
Using School Buildings - Teacher's Handbook
World Heritage Sites - Teacher's Handbook
Teachers' Kits + / -
Teacher's Kit - Brick Making
Teacher's Kit - Extractive Industries
Teacher's Kit - Forges and Foundries
Teacher's Kit - Investigating Industrial Sites
Teacher's Kit - Malting
Teacher's Kit - Mills
Teacher's Kit - Steam Power
Toolkit - Enquiry Based Learning
Toolkit - Making a Short Film
Toolkit - Oral History

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